Session #5: Saving Time & Money in the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of those areas in our homes that can make or break our budget! If we take the time to plan, we can save a lot of time, money, and effort when it comes to our cooking and meal planning. Join Jami as we jump into all that and more!

Session Notes

Your kitchen is one of those places where you can really make or break your budge

We can end up spending ALL of our time in the kitchen and we can feel overwhelmed.

So what’s a busy homemaker to do? How can we have nutritious, healthy, from-scratch meals every day while still maintain variety in our diet and sticking to a sometimes very strict diet?

Freezer Cooking is a lifesaver!

Grocery Shopping:

  • Buy in bulk
  • Keep things on hand. Chicken and beef – zaycon fresh
  • Shop at Costco for things like toilet paper, salsa, chips, cheese, etc.
  • Order online
  • Vitacost and Amazon
  • Buy your toiletries online
  • Order a CSA
  • coupon code: jami7635
  • Meal Planning
  • Check out
  • I highly recommend you check out Build a Menu
    • You can find it at
    • Use coupon code savememoney

Freezer Cooking

  • Check out my thorough podcast on freezer cooking at
  • Make double batches of meals throughout your week
  • Just focus on freezing the staples
  • Do a full, once a month freezer cook

A few more tips for saving both time and money in the kitchen


Use paper plates and plastic utensils

My favorite cookbooks of 2015

Trim Healthy Mama Cookbooks


100 Days of Real Food

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