Session #4: Homemaking - The Juggling Act

Jennifer is here with us for the 4th session to share what it looks like when homemaking is a juggling act. As a wife, homemaker, and mom to 11 kids, she is familiar with being busy and having to set priorities within her home. In this session she shares some amazing tips on balancing it all!

Session Notes

There is a pull for homemaker’s time from so many sources, yet women who profess godliness are to diligently seek to perform good works. A dinner plate can be compared to the life of a homemaker, and the healthy food on the plate compared to good works, with unhealthy food choices being compared to not so good works.

What are the priorities a homemaker should have?

Just as adding too much to our plate on Thanksgiving Day, we can add too much to our days as well.  When deciding what your day should include, go first to the Bible:

Proverbs 31 - Our main dish should include:

  • Caring for one's husband, children and home.  Plenty of good works and good behavior. A home business may be considered.

Titus 2 - The admonition here also is to care for one’s family and home, having prudence and good works.

  • Keeper at home
    • Stayer at home
  • Domestically inclined
  • Good housekeeper
  • One who looks after domestic affairs with prudence and care

1 Timothy 5 -  Once again, caring for one’s own family and home, diligently seeking good works, keeping oneself busy enough at home to avoid the habit of being a busybody. Compare this to Titus 2.

Once you’ve studied God’s word for the foundations of priorities you need as a homemaker, remember to ask your husband what his desires are for you.

Remember to write out a list:

  • What you do each day
  • What you should do each day

When your lists are complete, ask your husband what he prefers you accomplish on most days.

Determine what you need to do each day, prioritize those tasks, then decide how much time you are willing and able to devote to each.  Dinner rolls make look good, but if they aren’t good for us and are just a filler, this makes less room for that which is better and we may want to rethink the “dinner rolls” of life.

Jell-O offers empty calories, yet nothing in the way of nutrition.  Similarly many activities we choose each day offer the same emptiness and lack biblical goodness.  Resist temptations that don’t offer nourshiment to you and your family.

What do you have in your life that is equal to dinner rolls or Jell-O?

Remember to look to your husband to keep you from becoming overwhelmed and taking on too much.

Re-evaluate your daily activities, life choices and commitments.  See if what you do each day lines up with God’s standard for women and with what your husband desires of you.  If not, make some adjustments and pare down where needed.

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