Session #3: Homemaking and Working from Home - Is it Possible to Do Both?

Caroline is a mom who works from home, has 6 kids, and manages a growing home. How does she do it? Is it possible to work from home and be a homemaker who glorifies God? Caroline dives into what this balance looks like and if working from home is right for you!

Session Notes

When you think of the Proverbs 31 woman, do you see her being a homemaker and a business owner?

Think through your priorities. If you already work from home, do you still place importance in being a homemaker?

Working from home takes a passion for the work you do. Sometimes it requires even more dedication and love for what you do because you are juggling working and your home at the same time. You can’t leave your home to go work.

Do you want to start working from home? Make a list of your skills here below.


What are some of your weaknesses? Do you dislike making phone calls? Are you technically challenged? Write these weaknesses down so you don’t pick a business that would be a poor fit.


A list of business ideas:

  • Babysit from home
  • Start a blog (this takes a significant amount of time to actually earn money off of).
  • Work as a Virtual Assistant for a blogger
  • Start your own business (Either create your own product to sell, or wholesale or resale products. At Deborah & Co. we do a mixture of both.)
  • Be an editor from home.
  • Freelance writing
  • Graphic Design (this can easily be done at home if you have a skill in this area).
  • Take surveys
  • Be an online tutor
  • Pet Sitting
  • Join a Direct Sales company
    • (Blogs and Facebook have expanded the reach of Direct Sales. I have a team of over 350 ladies with Lilla Rose and it’s all been built online. No home shows or parties required! The same goes for Usborne Books and More, they are well known for their fun Facebook parties.)

Some Helpful Web Resources

How To Be A Work At Home Mom And Do It All

How I Put My Husband Through College - As A Homeschooling Mom Of Five!

Our Morning Chore Routine (I can’t juggle working from home unless my children help with chores!)

Interested in Becoming A Lilla Rose Consultant? (I share how Lilla Rose has blessed our family and why it has been the best business decision I’ve ever made).

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