Session #2: Recovering Biblical Homemaking

Being a homemaker who loves and cherishes her home is not something we see very often these days. What happens when we go back to the Bible and re-discover what it means to be a Biblical homemaker? Join Marci as we dive in!

Session Notes

"Older women likewise are to be reverent in behavior, not slanderers or slaves to much wine. They are to teach what is good, 4 and so train the young women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled, pure, working at home, kind, and submissive to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be reviled." ~ Titus 2:3-5

“Much of the world would agree that being a housekeeper is acceptable as long as you are not caring for your own home; treating men with attentive devotion would also be right as long as the man is the boss in the office and not your husband; caring for children would even be deemed heroic service for which presidential awards could be given as long as the children are someone else’s and not your own.” ~ Dorothy Patterson

Some Key Thoughts to Remember:

  • God is our employer.
  • God gives us enough time in each day to take care of the tasks He has called us to.
  • Messy, neglected homes should not be the every day norm for Christian homemakers.
  • Do not neglect your duties.  Manage your time well and be aware of areas that you are prone to distractions.
  • When we pour our time and energy into our homes and families it is a rewarding task.
  • Your influence in your home is powerful.  As women we have a dominating influence in our homes.
  • The family was God’s idea.  Families are designed to meet our physical, emotional and spiritual needs.
  • Your home should be an oasis for your family and for all who enter into it.
  • Proverbs 31 is not meant to give us an inferiority complex but to lay out a biblical foundation of principles of how we as Christian women are to live our lives.
  • A wise woman is a woman who practices the principles found in God’s Word and she is someone who understands and applies those truths.
  • One of the ways we look well to the ways of our household is in our Christian conduct.
  • If we are in Christ, we have everything from the Lord through the Holy Spirit within us to meet the needs of our family and manage our homes well.
  • We need to live to please an audience of One.  Seek first His Kingdom in all things.
  • We are daughters of Eve and her name means “life-giver”.  We were created as women to be life-givers.
  • True contentment comes by knowing Who you belong to and being content in Who He designed you to be.
  • Our homes can only be a place of true peace to the extent in which Christ reigns.

Favorite Quotes:

“Our conduct has a direct influence on how people think about the gospel. The world doesn’t judge us by our theology; the world judges us by our behavior. People don’t necessarily want to know what we believe about the Bible. They want to see if what we believe makes a difference in our lives. Our actions either bring glory to God or misrepresent His truth.” ~Carolyn Mahaney, Feminine Appeal

“Homemaking is not employment for the slothful, unimaginative, incapable women.  It has as much challenge and opportunity, success and failure, growth and expansion, perks and incentives, as any corporate career.” ~ Dorothy Morrison

“Feminism is mixed up with a muddled idea that women are free when they serve their employers but slaves when they help their husbands.”  ~ G. K. Chesterton

J.I Packer author of Knowing God lays out six attributes of God that we need to keep in mind as we go through God’s Word to determine His desires and plans for us as wives and mothers.

  • God’s life does not change.
  • God’s character does not change.
  • God’s truth does not change
  • God’s ways do not change
  • God’s purposes do not change
  • God’s son does not change.

“Not every woman will marry. Not every woman will be able to bear children. And yet all women have the God-given capacity to live in ways that beautifully and purposefully express their life-giving feminine design -their helper or cooperative approach to tasks, their ability to multitask, their nesting instincts and creative spirit. A woman’s body was made, in part, to bring life into the world, and that’s a good thing from God’s point of view. However, the common purpose for all woman is to glorify God in whatever circumstances and boundaries of life we find ourselves, trusting him to show us how we can best use our gifts for him.” ~ Sally Clarkson, Mission of Motherhood

“The home is where a woman provides the expressions of love for her husband and her children.  The home is where she leads and guides and teaches and raises the godly generation.  The home is where she is protected and secured from other men and potentially wicked relationships and abuses.  The home is where she lodges strangers, washes saints’ feet, shows hospitality and devotes herself to every good work.  That’s her sphere.  And whatever of that home and whatever of the goodness of her life she can take outside and not sacrifice the home is between her and the Lord and her husband.” ~ John MacArthur

“As Christian women, this is the attitude that should characterize our lives. We are to be women who love our homes. We are not to merely workers at home, but we are to take great pleasure in working in our homes. We are to thoroughly enjoy the sphere that God has assigned to us.” ~ Carolyn Mahaney

Bible Study Helps:

  • Get yourself a good study Bible.
  • Pick a book to read – start small with the book of 1 John or 1 Peter.
  • Read the introduction to the book in your study bible.
  • Read through the book several times not looking at the notes.
  • Read through it looking up the cross references to get a clearer understanding of the meaning of the text.
  • Make notes in your journal as you read it through and then read it through again reviewing the study notes to get a deeper understanding to areas you’re not sure to get a clearer understanding.
  • I encourage you to use more than one study bible to compare various teachers and their interpretations.

Questions to Guide You in Opportunities Outside the Home:

If you are contemplating opportunities outside the home, I encourage you to ponder these wise questions from Carolyn Mahaney taken from her book Feminine Appeal. They are to help you in determining that you are making wise decisions and that you do not lose sight of your primary obligation to your home.

  • What are my reasons for considering this opportunity?  Are they selfish or God honoring?
  • Will pursuing this venture glorify God and honor the gospel?
  • Is this an undertaking that will help my husband?
  • Will it enhance and enrich the lives of my family?
  • Does this endeavor hinder my role as caretaker of my home?

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