Session #12: Bible Memorization- 5 Minutes a Day, Lifetime Benefits for the Entire Family

Most of us know that we should be memorizing Scripture – or maybe we’ve never really thought about it much before? In this session, Trisha covers the benefits of memorizing Scripture, choosing which scripture we should memorize, and different memory techniques. Memorizing Scripture is important for all believer’s lives, but especially as Christian parents it’s important to focus on and teach our children. This is one of the biggest questions we had from last year’s conference: How can we focus on the Gospel more within our homes and teach our children? One answer:  Memorizing Scripture!

Session Notes

The Benefits of Memorization

  • Memorization doesn’t have to be a drudgery
  • Memorization is not obsolete
  • Memorization is foundational for creativity
  • Memorization helps us learn new skills.
  • Memorization aids in language development
  • Memorization trains the brain

Choosing Scriptures to Memorize

  • Memorize scriptural one-liners (Proverbs are great for this)
  • Memorize longer passages of scripture
  • Choose “creedal” passages
  • Choose passages that speak to a weakness
  • Choose passages teaching identity in Christ.
  • Choose passages that inspire hope.

Bible Memory Techniques

  • Involve the whole family!
  • Be consistent
  • Develop a system
  • Our system
  • Start with prayer
  • The backbone: oral recitation
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Memory Box
  • Application
  • Motions
  • Music
  • Apps and Websites

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