Session #10: Calm Your Chaos

Learn how setting your priorities, setting your mornings & setting up simple systems can restore the peace that your home has been missing. Kayse will walk you through establishing a plan for your days that allows you to focus on the important things and have time for what really matters.

Session Notes

Why Planning?

Step 1: Nail Down Your Priorities

  • What season are you in?
  • Choose 3-5 core values for this season:

____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________

Step 2: Set Up Systems That Work For You

  • Family calendar
  • Weekly schedule
  • Chore chart

Step 3: Create A Daily Plan

  • Embrace structure
  • Use a good planner
  • Color coding is your friend

Step 4: Develop A Morning Routine

  • Choose 3-5 activities that will help shape your day:

____________________________________ ____________________________________

____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________

Step 5: Start Meal Planning

  • Save time, money, & stress!
  • Use a meal planner

Choose a time each week to plan: ____________________________


  • Know your season
  • Keep your priorities in mind
  • Leave yourself some margin


Calm Your Chaos Series

The Planner I Use

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The Meal Planner I Use

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