Homemaking Foundations Podcast

Our all new Homemaking Foundations podcast launched in the Summer of 2015. You can listen to all the current episodes of the podcast over at Young Wife’s Guide.

The Homemaking Foundations Podcast Where we give you the tools, inspiration, and encouragement you need to craft a Gospel-Centered Home.

It’s my passion and my mission here at Young Wife’s Guide to help equip and encourage the homemaker in the daily tasks of the day for God’s Glory. You will find all of that and more with my weekly podcast.

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You can access all the current shows HERE! A new podcast episode is released each week – so check back often for new shows. Enjoy 🙂


Other Awesome Podcasts

Here are also some other amazing podcasts for you to listen to. I could have written this post myself from The Humbled Homemaking on how she uses podcasts throughout her day. Check it out HERE!

Christian Podcasts

Jolene Engle’s Marriage Podcast

I love Jolene and her commitment to Scripture when dealing with Marriage and the hard topics that can come along with it! If you need need a dose of encouragement for your marriage or some wise advice, I highly recommend you check out her podcast!

Inspired to Action Podcast

Kat Lee’s podcast was one of the very first ones I ever started listening to. She gives me so much encouragement and motivation to be the kind of mom that I want to be! Her podcast isn’t solely about being a mom, but I love her perspective as an intentional mom.

Living Inspired with Trisha Goyer

I’ve not actually started listening to Trisha’s podcast yet but I’ve had it recommended to me from several people. So I’m excited to jump into that one soon.

A Slob Comes Clean

Dana was a speaker at my latest Homemaking From Scratch conference and I love her approach to organizing and cleaning from a naturally messy person (like myself)! Her podcast is always motivating for getting my house under control.

Business Podcasts

Entre Family Podcast

My friend Stephanie and her husband just launched  a new podcast all about building a business as a family. All the business decisions we make, we make with our family in mind and I love the encouragement I get from listening to their podcast.

This Is Your Life by Michael Hyatt

This one is more business focused and so you might not have an interest in it but I love the things he has to say on leadership, business, establishing routines, etc.

Smart Passive Income Podcast

My husband and I are building a business from home and we love listening to Pat Flynn’s advice and encouragement on the subject. He approaches online business with such integrity and creativity that I’m always inspired listening to him!

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