What it means to serve God from within your home through hospitality?

But maybe you don't know where to start or are too afraid to jump in? A Heart for Hospitality eCourse is here to help you deal with those fears and insecurities and gives you the tools you need to confidently extend hospitality - All for God's Glory!


What does it mean to practice Biblical Hospitality?

Find out with our all new practical video eCourse on learning the Biblical art of serving others!

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Access to this eCourse includes:

A Heart for Hospitality eCourse is designed to give you (the homemaker!) the tools you need to understand the Biblical command of hospitality and effectively use it to serve those in your community, neighborhood, and church.

Included in this brand new online course are 15 practical & Scripture-based video sessions, a course workbook, a hospitality binder to get you started, and so much more!

Go beyond entertaining and discover what God's Word has to say on this Biblical art of serving others!

Here are just a few of the topics we will dive into...

  • Take a Journey Through Scripture

    Walk with me through Scripture to see what God’s Word has to say about hospitality. We start out in the Old Testament, studying what hospitality meant to the Israelites and look at a real life example from Abraham. We then move to the New Testament and study what hospitality looked like in the early Church.

  • Go Beyond Entertaining

    Throughout the course, we focus on what the true Biblical definition of hospitality is and what this really looks like lived out. This goes far beyond simple social entertaining and dives right into the heart of who God is: Love for others!

  • Tools for Hospitality

    While keeping a firm foundation in God’s Word, we will also dive into many practical aspects of practicing hospitality. We will explore different forms of hospitality, how to extend hospitality in small spaces and on a budget, quick cleaning tips, and so much more!

"If you want to grow in the area of Biblical hospitality, the Heart for Hospitality eCourse is the way to go. I am amazed at Jami Balmet’s deep understanding of the topic. Listening to her share, I couldn’t help but get excited about the depth and richness of this calling for all believers. Her insight into God-centered hospitality is profound and well-articulated in this course.

These video teachings are not only motivating and refreshing, they are practically helpful. You will find everything from solutions to various hospitality road blocks to organizational printables to get you started. It’s all well-packaged and is a truly easy and accessible way to gain understanding and create a hospitality game-plan. If you’re considering taking the course… do it!"

Katie Bennett, Embracing a Simpler Life

Go through the course at your own pace & when you have the time!

This eCourse is designed for busy homemakers! We know that you might need to pause a session or come back to it later. When you register for this eCourse, you will have access to the video sessions forever to watch over and over.

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  • Daily Disciplines Sheet
  • Appetizer Recipe Cards
  • Printable Scripture Memory Cards

Discover the Joy in Biblical Serving with A Heart for Hospitality eCourse!

Take the first steps today with our all new practical video eCourse on learning the Biblical art of serving others!

Transform Your Home By Following the Biblical Command to Extend Hospitality!

The Sessions & Course Overview

A Journey Through the Old Testament

What does God’s Word have to say on hospitality? To answer that question we must begin at the beginning: The Old Testament. Take a walk with us as we dive into the O.T. and study a very specific story of Abraham’s life to understand better how hospitality was woven into the very fabric of their society.



A Journey Through the New Testament 

In this next session, we take the understanding we gained from looking at the Old Testament and bring this into our understand of the New Testament. We will look at what Paul, Jesus, and the Early Church thought about hospitality and how it was vital to the growth and life of the New Testament Church.


A Definition of Biblical Hospitality – The Joy of Serving Others

What is the ultimate purpose in extending hospitality? While hospitality can come in many different forms – and looks different from household to household and from season to season – we will take the foundation we laid by going through the Old and New Testaments and clearly define what Biblical hospitality is.


Preparing Your Heart for Hospitality 

With a little bit of preparing, of both your heart and your home, hospitality can run a lot smoother and more efficiently. We will start with the most important aspect of hospitality: Your heart attitude when extending hospitality!


How to Practice Hospitality on a Budget

One of the biggest objections to extending hospitality that I hear is that you don’t feel like you can fit it into an already tight budget. But hospitality doesn’t have to cost a lot! Join us for this session as we dive into the practical aspects of extending hospitality on a budget.


Quick Cleaning Tips for Extending Hospitality 

Another huge fear that I hear from women is that you feel insecure about your house and not sure how to get it ready for guests. I get it, I really do! So in this session we will cover everything from overcoming that fear, to deep cleaning basics, to a quick cleaning guide for when guests are just minutes away!


Putting Together a Hospitality Binder

Included in this eCourse is a beautifully designed printable hospitality binder with everything you need to get started extending hospitality today! This session will cover the best ways to use a hospitality binder and getting started.


Small Space Hospitality

Do you live in a small house or apartment? Extending hospitality when you live in a small space can present it’s own unique challenges and obstacles. But it’s still doable! In this session we will discuss different ways to extend hospitality in small spaces and the encouragement to do so.


Tools for Extending Hospitality 

While extending hospitality takes nothing more than a willingness to do so, this session covers some basic tools that help hospitality to be a bit easier, run smoother, and be more effective.


Putting Together Simple Meal Plans

My biggest insecurity with extending hospitality was knowing what to make for dinner! As a newlywed, I didn’t have confidence in the kitchen and I felt really lost knowing what to cook and prepare. This session covers meal plan ideas, desserts, crockpot meals, and gives you actual recipes that work really well for extending hospitality.


Extending Hospitality To Your Own Family

As the very heart of hospitality is learning to serve others, as wives and mothers we have to remember our first goal in serving: serving our families! In this session we will take the tools we learned throughout this course and apply them to our own families while remembering what season of life we are currently in and the challenges that may bring with it.


Unusual Hospitality: Think Outside the Dinner Table

Hospitality doesn’t just mean inviting someone over for dinner. It can take on many different forms and will vary from family to family. In this session we will cover some unusual ways you can extend hospitality to those within your community and church.


Decorating Your Home for Christ

In this session we will explore the benefits of decorating your home in a way that is welcoming and reflects Christ! We will go over the benefits of creating a welcoming environment as well as practical advice on how to go about doing that.


Get Even More Out of This Online Class

We are bringing this hands on homemaking experience to YOU! Here's what else you will get for FREE when you register...

1 - Course Workbook

We want you to get the most out of this eCourse as possible, so we've created a step by step course workbook to take you through each session of the course.

Inside you will find the lessons, outlines, and additional notes for all 15 course sessions. You can save this PDF on your computer or print it out and have everything you need to start transforming your homemaking...TODAY!

2 - Hospitality Binder

We want you to be able to take the lessons you learn throughout this eCourse and begin to extend hospitality right away!

So we've created this beautiful hospitality binder to get you started. You can save this PDF file to your computer or print it out and you are all ready to go. Included in the binder: family hospitality mission statement, meal planning cards, recipe cards, quick cleaning chart, invite lists, and more!

3 - Access the Course Sessions Anytime, Anywhere

Because we know what it's like to be a busy homemaker, we've designed this eCourse so that it's easy to access anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

The course sessions are pre-recorded for the best possible quality and created so that you can listen at your convenience! Listen to the sessions when YOU have the time, pause them, come back later, or skip around and listen however you want. Listen to them again and again - the course are yours to keep - forever!

Start the process to transform your hospitality today!

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  • 15 Video Sessions on the Biblical Art of Serving Others through Hospitality
  • A course workbook with notes and outlines for all sessions
  • Printable Hospitality Binder with everything you need to get started today
  • Free bonuses including daily disciplines sheet, appetizer recipes, and more!

I have poured my heart and soul into this project for the last several months and I pray that God uses it bless your life in the same way that it has blessed mine in putting it together. I can’t wait to connect with you as we serve the Lord together through Biblical hospitality!

Jami Balmet Young Wife's Guide

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • Q.Do I need special software to watch the eCourse sessions?

    A.No, all you need is an internet connection and speakers or headphones. The course sessions will be able to play right from your internet browser.

  • Q.How long will I have access to the eCourse?

    A.Forever! We want you to have complete access to this course – to watch again and again if you want. The sessions will remain on the website for the foreseeable future and if at some point we have to remove them, you will get the chance to save them onto your computer to keep forever.

  • Q.Do I need to be available to listen to all the sessions "live"?

    A.No. All the sessions are pre-recorded and uploaded to the course for the best possible quality. There is no time line on the course. Go through it at your own pace.

  • Q.Will I be able to go through the course on my smartphone, tablet, etc.

    A.Yes, you can watch the sessions and participate in the course from any device that has an internet connection!

Learn how you can serve the Lord and those around you through the Biblical command of hospitality!