Do you ever struggle in managing your home? Yeah – Me too!

Can I let you in on a little secret?

I sometimes struggle with managing my home (okay, all the time). I often find it difficult to know how and where I should spend my time. There are simply not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything I need to (or accomplish all the things that I think I should accomplish).

Do you ever struggle with this?

Do you ever wake up on Monday morning and feel overwhelmed before the week has even begun? Do you waste minutes or even hours throughout your day because you are just not sure what should take priority and what project you should work on next?

The good news is, you are not alone! I think this is something that almost all homemaker’s struggle with – whether you work outside the home or not, whether you have zero kids or 11.Because I’m struggling with this right now – and thought you might be as well, I’ve compiled some really encouraging and action-packed advice from my favorite homemaking bloggers and authors on home management. Enjoy!

Determining How You Should Spend Your Time as a Homemaker – The Homemaking Foundations Podcast

This is one of my latest podcast episodes, and one of my most popular to date!

As a busy wife, mom, and blogger, it can be really hard sometimes to know where I should spend my time. Between all the chores around the house, cooking 3 meals a day, trying to show love to my husband, caring for and nurturing my kids, and squeezing in some time to write…some days I just don’t know where to start or what I should spend my time on. If I didn’t have to sleep or eat, maybe I could get it all done. But it’s impossible. I can’t say yes to everything, I know that I need to have priorities in my homemaking, but the hard part is knowing what those priorities should be!

That’s what this episode is aboutSetting priorities for our life and homemaking so we can better determine where we should spend our time as homemakers.

6 Ways to Be More Productive Around the House – Embracing a Simpler Life

I love these tips from Katie Bennett of Embracing a Simpler Life. Tip #2 especially about wearing comfortable athletic shoes around the house is really motivating to me! Sometimes, you just need a little extra push to get going.

Check out all six tips HERE.

Simplifying Your Mornings: 3 Sure-fire Ways to Get Spiritually Grounded – Intoxicated on Life

“When we first open our eyes in the morning, we wake hungry. We are stomach-hungry for food of course; but that growling stomach reflects a soul hungry for unseen things like meaning, purpose, approval, stimulation, and direction. One reason why so many people reach for the smartphone first thing is that it’s a way to fill the hunger.We just start stuffing stuff in.We wake up craving satisfaction. Yet the greatest hunger we have is not for information or food but for glory. We were born with a glory tank that only seeing and tasting it—experiencing it—can satisfy. Moses knew his hunger well when he cried out to God, “Show me Your glory!”

Until we too understand that glory is our greatest hunger, we’ll be prone to confuse this hunger for other things and in so doing, substitute lesser glories for the glory of God.” Read more.


1 Revolutionary Trick To Make Your Home Far More Manageable – Embracing a Simpler Life

Yes, Yes, Yes, a million times YES! This has been my motto lately:

“If you’re like me, it can be hard to keep your home under control. Between the constant activity and needs of the family, the messes and disorder are literally unending.

However, this frustrating cycle is changing for me. That’s because I’ve discovered an extremely liberating concept to make my home more manageable.
It goes something like this: If you can’t keep up with your stuff, you have too much stuff.Read more.

Managing Your Home for God’s Glory – Young Wife’s Guide

We can so easily get caught up in the daily mundane tasks of cook, cleaning, organizing and managing our home. But we should have Gospel intentionality and Kingdom focus when we manage our home.How we run and manage our home has profound influence over our lives, our children, and our families. Putting a little effort and intentionality into our homemaking, organization, and management can go a long way in glorifying God in our homemaking. Read more.I hope these resources have been an encouragement to you when you are struggling in managing your home! Sometimes, we just need a little reminder and a little encouragement to turn around our day.

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What is one thing (just ONE thing) you are going to work on in your homemaking this week? For me – it’s going to be LAUNDRY!