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Chelsea M.

The idea of being a homemaker has always been very overwhelming for me, but I am excited to take on this role. I am ready to get organized and see what kind of changes at home to help transform our lifestyle from mild chaos to planned.

Chelsea M. Customer
Katie Bennett

If you want to grow in the area of Biblical hospitality, the Heart for Hospitality eCourse is the way to go. I am amazed at Jami Balmet’s deep understanding of the topic. Listening to her share, I couldn’t help but get excited about the depth and richness of this calling for all believers. Her insight into God-centered hospitality is profound and well-articulated in this course.

Katie Bennett Embracing a Simpler Life
Hannah H.

I love that this conference is online. I was able to watch a video the first day then life happened so I haven’t been able to catch up but knowing I can watch them whenever is wonderful!!! Thank you ladies for putting together a conference that works with our crazy schedules!!! It is wonderful to know I can watch one now or one in a month from now and enjoy it or rewatch to remind myself what was said. THANK YOU!!!

Hannah H. Customer
Tasha C.

I absolutely loved this conference. I’m planning to work on my relationship with God more than ever. I’ll also be working on my daily routine, homeschooling and just overall being a better person. I can’t wait to watch them over and over again!!

Tasha C. Customer
Allison B.

I’ve learned something from EVERY session!!! I don’t want to write a book here, but I will say we are going to be making a TON of improvements. I am so grateful for the conference, and extremely excited for what God has in store!!!

Allison B. Customer

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